Ever wanted to get really close? Well this was the trip where we got up close and personal.. on a reserve in Mauritius. The day started off with a rope bridge crossing, and for those of you out there who think year that’s not scary.. Well I was one of those people, and its surprising how much a 300ft drop, and 30 mile wind, and two bits of rope with some planks of wood can make you feel on edge.. literally.

Next up the zip lines awaited us with the same amount of excitement we mounted these, then off on the quad bikes, and the adventure really begins, being chased by Ostriches was great fun! Patting a zebra, sitting on a giant tortoise, and then getting to stroke a lion, yes serious stoke it, pat it, sit with it, mad I know but these keepers seem to have built up a bond with them as leader of the pride and some how it just all seemed to work, but certainly that was on the edge too! An amazing day jam packed for of adventures and one not to miss!