CAPELLA, Singapore

Lets start by saying that we are excited about this one!

Capella Singapore is a neo-colonial minimalist mix up for the senses. Located on Singapore’s tropical hotel island Sentosa, Capella hides amongst a lush tropical jungle.

As I travel from the airport onto the island of Sentosa I feel as though I have gone back in time entering some kind of asian-inspired Jurassic Park. Entering Capella feels like a tropical oasis, the lush, dense trees create a canopy over the driveway which is a winding road littered with peacocks and dense green shrubs. I couldn’t help but imagine the i was driving up to some type of ancient temple rising from the foliage. However my imagination was mistaken and I was surprisingly faced with something for more than I ever could have expected.

Typical to Sir Norman Foster’s architecture Capella is a mix of minimalist and grandnature that complement each other perfectly. The entrance is stark white contrasting dramatically to the foliage outside. The vast space’s of Capella’s Lobby over look tree canopys and onto the South China Sea she is magnificent in all aspects of the word. I breath in…. I’m here.

Walking down from the lobby I take a closer look at ‘Bob’s Bar’ an open air regionally inspired cocktail bar that overlooks the amazing array of swimming pools that step down towards the beach. Again the resident peacocks make for a sight displaying their feathers to the guests…. the little show offs that they are.

I am taken to my room at ‘The Club’ Capella’s exclusive villa accommodation. It is somewhat separate from the hotel allowing the feeling of complete calm and separation from the intense bustle of Singapore. As I am welcomed into my Garden terrace apartment which overlooks the sea I am again greeted by a peacock fossicking through the shrubs, this has to be straight out of a movie.

After I am settled into my room I take a big breath and look out towards the ocean and make my way to the mini bar (naughty I know) I pour my self a drink and wander around my beautifully decorated apartment. I know what I need now… music. I plug in my iPod and Hozier joins me in my little getaway.

I grab out my swimmers and head for the pool, now which one to choose? I decide on the biggest pool in the main hotel area. a semi circle wet-edge that cascades down to the many other pools which I won’t even attempt to count.. I’m guessing over 15.

After a refreshing dip, fresh juice and a quick nap in the sun I feel that the spa is calling me. Auriga Spa is a zen-like haven for the senses. Before I start my treatment I am blown away by the beauty of this spa – its almost undescribable… lets just say that I would happily live here. I choose my treatment after much deliberation and head into the depths of the spa. Firstly I sit in the steam room which has the most beautiful aroma of frangipani and mint, I am then told to plunge into the icy vitality pool, which to be honest is initially a huge shock. However now with my skin tingling I head into my massage and return four hours later in a totally zenned out stated. In all honestly Auriga Spa has to be the best Spa I have ever been to…. now thats saying something.

Fully energised and rested I realise that I a little peckish. I go back to my room and put on a colourful flowing dress and tie up my hair. No make up for me tonight my skin shines almost translucent from the facial.

I stroll slowly up to the top of the hotel and choose between Capella’s two restaurants. The Knowles is a fusion mix of western, asian and classical Singaporean dishes, then there is Cassia a modern Chinese restaurant which I have heard a lot about. I decided to give Cassia a try and walk in to a funky modern take on Chinese design. I sit down and am promptly brought fresh mint tea. I speak to the waiter who suggest the duck 3 ways. I am not one to argue so I order this.

The duck is presented on the table and prepared freshly there. I am presented with duck pancakes (one of my staple favourites) duck with fresh herbs and vegetables, which was so fresh and light this there wasn’t a coriander leaf left. Finally the duck was taken back to the kitchen and made into a curry which was served in a coconut. I couldn’t tell you which one was my favourite… can I say all three????

Feeling at this point that I would have to roll out of the restaurant I am brought the tea menu. And what a menu it was. Cleverly written with an eye for delicacy the menu was insightful and amazing. Over the next two days it did not leave my side and I sampled many of the beautifully delicate and rather rare chinese teas over the remainder of my weekend.

Although I am not meant to i did go into Capella with expectations. However they were far, far exceeded. The hospitality was outstanding, the food even better and I am not even going to go back into the spa because we will be here for days.

An absolute MUST on anyones travel itineraries.