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Picture the scene: Azure water, a tranquil sandy shore line, the shrill symphony of cicada beetles, in a secluded bay, on the Kaplankaya Peninsula, Turkey. Having arrived late that night in total darkness, this was what I woke up to upon emerging onto the deck of ‘Panthalassa’, a majestically proportioned, 56 meter sailing boat. Understandably, the natural beauty surrounding me, was far from the only thing to take my breath away that morning.

Top deck, Panthalassa

Top deck, Panthalassa

As I slowly rotated to survey, what would be my home for the next 4 days, an immaculately attired crew member quietly appeared with freshly squeezed fruit juice, and a cool scented towel. Panthalassa epitomised luxury and elegance, with none of the in-your-face overtness of a motor yacht. In fact, from where I stood on the stunning Teak wood deck, this was paradise in a genetically enhanced nutshell.

Alerted to my emergence from the leather panelled cabin, chilled background music had been phased in, and the vast white table on deck had been set with a regal breakfast.

Breakfast on board Panthalassa,

Feeling like a Princess at breakfast on Panthalassa

Yoga, Panthalassa

Yoga on board, 56 meter sailing boat, Panthalassa

A yoga mat had also been sourced in consequence of an overheard conversation I’d had with my husband, Inge, as we boarded the previous night. One of the many skills possessed by the Panthalassa crew it seemed, was to pre-empt our every wish and deliver it with subtle aplomb.

 Having eaten the breakfast, which catered to our every culinary craving, we eagerly contemplated our options for the day ahead. Panthalassa’s ‘maritime playroom’, kitted out for kite surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, wake boarding, scuba diving, jet skiing, wave running, sea bobbing, complete with 2 20ft high speed tenders and a rib, was clearly responsible for the gleam in Inge’s eye.

Boys Toys

Boys Toys

The upper deck sun pad, personalised cocktail list and range of pampering beauty treats was meanwhile, appealing to my self indulgent inner goddess.

Panthalassa top deck

Panthalassa top deck

As the day progressed, friends joined from the mainland for a long and leisurely lunch incorporating truffle infused slithers of steak, melt-in-your mouth black cod and giant fresh Langoustines, all paired with expertly selected wines from Panthalassa’s  impressive wine cellar. The crew continued to tend to our every wish (and more). Their faultless attention to detail, yet relaxed style, harmonising with the laid-back vibe, so unique to sailing boats.

While the children entertained themselves in the cinema room, or with the fun inflatables, grown-ups blissed-out, and basked in the ambience of the Mediterranean sunset.

Panthalassa Living Room

Panthalassa Living Room

No one was in any hurry to take the tender back to shore, and with six perfectly proportioned double cabins, each with a marble ensuite bathroom, they didn’t exactly have to either.


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