Top Gear Style Iceland Adventure for Two

Friday 18th March – Sunday 20th March 2016

Do you remember the Top Gear episode where James May drives a volcano-proof 4×4 across the Icelandic tundra? This is a full-throttle adrenaline trip in your own giant 4×4 Toyota Hilux sitting on 44” tyres to battle across the barren ground of Iceland, crossing tectonic plates and climbing glaciers in search of volcanos, the famous thermal spas and perhaps even the elusive Northern Lights! The trip is all inclusive, everything from the experienced expedition leader, luxury boutique hotel and spa stays, snowmobiling, all food as well as the 4×4 jeep hire. Everything is taken care of! This is the very definition of a once in a lifetime trip.

For details please contact a member of our staff on:

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