Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa: Luxury, but no personal touches

This is a wonderful hotel in a wonderful setting. But it’s lacking one simple thing which every hotel that has this small number of rooms usually has in spades.. that’s personal service.

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The service culture and standard has evolved from SPG larger hotel group used to serving 100’s of guests. They don’t realise that guests at this style of resort are looking for something more personal.


The experiences are a good example. Simple requests to arrange private camel trips or falconry lessons were met with a straight no.. only avaliable if you book the Royal Suite and no flexibility or option to pay for it.. with the private dinner in the desert I’ve done many experience like this, but instead of a member of staff to serve you. They drop you off with a cool box and a mobile phone and ask you to call when you want to be collected. At this size resort the GM should meet every guest in person and there needs to be improvement in the culture and thought that’s gone into this resort.

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